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Though the riders were familiar with Replica Bell&Ross watches Daytona International Speedway’s 3.56 mile circuit, with successes in the Daytona 200 by Honda and the celebrated AMA Pro Supercross racing events that were held at the tri-oval, the Rolex 24 at Daytona was completely different level of test.The star riding trio drove the Porsche Cayenne V8 that was set up for the event by the Spirit of Daytona that has its center of operations near the circuit.The well experienced racing trio was joined by the skilled sports car driver Cosmo in this test of endurance at the Daytona International Speedway.Finishing this harrowing challenge that pushes the capabilities of the human spirit to the extreme is considered to be quite an achievement in itself.The motorcycling team encountered almost every pitfall including a major fire outbreak in the team’s pit stall that took place a mere 4 hours before the race finished.Scott Russell and Cosmo had just exited the car when the fire broke out, almost consuming the car; the fire was finally brought under control by the team of Spirit of Daytona.Convinced that they will not will able to race anymore due to the damage done to the car the racing team looked crestfallen, however the incredible effort put in by the members at the pit stall got the car back in the game just an hour later.Finally finishing this arduous challenge, the team of motorcyclists blazed past the checkered flag to clinch the 11th position.The exciting end to a momentous racing spectacle led to a surge in excitement and had the crowd up on their feet.The Rolex 24 at Daytona presented by Rolex is also referred to as the racing center of the world, has Replica Bell&Ross watches grown to become the foremost racing event with legendary performance and extraordinary display of courage.

It is believed that while some choose to rise to the challenge and outperform, some amongst us are born with the capacity to push the spirit further than expected.Motorcyclists are considered to be the toughest people to hit the road more than any other vehicle enthusiasts, probably due to the fact that apart from the revved up engines there is nothing riding with them bar the wind.Rolex, a proud sponsor of numerous world class racing events holds the premier, annual racing event- the Rolex 24 at Daytona which is considered to be one of the most grueling races in the history of the sport.Rolex 24 at Daytona has had the unfaltering support of Rolex for many years now and has seen some of the most incredible performances, many of which will go down in history as almost a mythical display of resilience.The Rolex 24 at Daytona this year was the most riveting race in the history of this sensational racing challenge.Immensely talented racers from all parts of the world came together, to show some brilliant maneuvers and exceptional driving skills as they hurtled to victory.Many of the racers competing in this event are seasoned drivers who have taken part in many competitions across the globe; however the Rolex 24 at Daytona presented by Rolex presents an entirely new challenge. Motorcycle racers are regarded as the fiercest racers and the toughest competitors around, a fact that came to the purview with the tremendous display of Replica Bell&Ross watches endurance by star riders Jeff Ward, Scott Russell and Jason Pridmore.Driving the number 09 AMA Pro Racing/Spirit of Daytona, Porsche Coyote Daytona Prototype, race car in the 47th annual celebrated test of fortitude challenge, the motorcyclist trio came across a number of obstacles.

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The Evian Masters has been a Replica Tag Heuer watches part of LPGA tour since 2002 and is held a week before the Women’s British Open it convenient for women golfers from United States to compete in this event.The former guideline for the game ensured that the event had a total of 78 players which is half the playing field of LPGA in addition to the fact that the game was played over four days without a cut ensuring that all golfers played the game regardless of the score.However after 2007 the new rules expanded the playing field up to 90 players and included a cut after the second round.At the time of its inception the prize money for the Evian Masters was approximately 150000 Euros but exponential rise of this tournament led to the increase in the prize money too which now stands at almost three times the original sum at 325000 Euros, it one of the most premier golfing events in the world.Rolex is one of the prime partners of the Evian Masters and ensures that the sporting tournament gets promoted by the adequate use of media and its related branches. The 2008 Evian Masters golfing challenge was won by the champion Swede Helen Alfredsson while the 2007 edition of the master’s tournament was won Natalie Gulbis from Unites States.With the Evian Masters around the corner in July this year preparations are underway while Replica Tag Heuer watches champion players are honing their skills to get their best game to the international tournament.Rolex partners the Evian Masters again to render it the most premier golfing tournament in the world.

A few years ago the very thought of having a world class, premier event for women golfers seemed rather implausible.However the growing support by illustrious brands like Rolex paved the way for international golfing tournaments for the exceptionally talented women golfers everywhere.The passion for the power of the swing and watching the golf ball pierce the air to land in the undulating greens is something that goes beyond race, gender or even age.The dream of creating a tournament that enables players from all over the world top come together and compete in a battle of true skill was unrealized for many decades.The growing awareness and the love for the sport outweighed any obsolete rudiments that marred the development of women’s golf tournaments.The Evian Masters women’s professional golf tournament is a premier golfing challenge supported by the world renowned brand Rolex and attracts some of biggest names in women’s golf.A dream of Antoine and Franck Riboud who aimed to create a platform for women champions, the Evian Masters Cup presented by Rolex was founded in 1994.Launched as a part of the Ladies European Tour the first tournament was held amidst magnificent settings and was won by the Replica Tag Heuer watches flamboyant Swedish player Helen Alfredsson finishing three shots ahead of England’s Lora Fairclough.The Evian Masters is an annual golfing challenge that is held at Évian-les-Bains in France in the month of July.

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From the large obelisks that were used by the Egyptians to the water Replica Omega watches clocks that were used by the Mesopotamians and the timesticks that were used by the people of Indian and Tibet, time measurement devices have undergone revolutionary changes that have changed the way we all perceive time and utilize it.Rolex the number one premium watch manufacturer of premium watches has employed numerous path breaking technologies in the hundred years it’s been in existence.Since the advent of incredible transformation in technology, even most simplistic of implements has undergone a tremendous change in its design and functioning.The hourglass which utilizes sand to track time too has changed with Rolex manufacturing the sand it uses.To accurately provide the measure of time, the sand has to be of a uniform size, consistency and texture.The Rolex produced bag of Time Sand is probably the finest sand around and is the equivalent of 30 days when used in a standard hourglass.Recently these bags of Rolex Time Sand were used in an art installation that was created by the renowned artist Michael Marcovici who’s is well recognized by the art world for his installation of an art piece where he stacked 10 million $100 US bills on 12 pallets to give a visual representation of $1,000,000,000.A total of 972 Rolex Time Sand bags were used for this project and represented the amount of time a human being who lived up to the age of 81 would utilize.Understanding time and its impact is aspect that has forever captured Replica Omega watches the imagination of the human race and leading this movement is the prestigious brand of premium watches, Rolex.

Time has eluded men for centuries as we constantly race to keep up with time and try and seize an opportunity in every moment.The constant drift of the momentary, through the ages has been tracked by means of various timepieces that have utilized all sorts of ingenious ideas, to ensure that time can be tracked as accurately as possible.Rolex the world leader in premium watches has been guaranteeing the precise measurement of time, for a hundred years now.Crafting the finest with patience and a determination to forever change the way the world looks at watches, Rolex continually utilizes ground breaking techniques that showcases the capacity of perfection.Every activity, every action, every decision, every pursuit, every challenge and every accomplishment is completely governed by the most essential aspect of human life, time.At the core of all life lies the dimension of time that is responsible for all elemental aspects of existence and being.Right from the origin of life, mankind has always been aware of the conspicuous difference between the dawning of a new day and the darkness of a quaintly lit night.In a bid to accurately measure this difference in order pave the way for a better functioning and more informed society, man has constantly been involved in creating the finest time measuring device.Down the ages mankind has come up with an array of devices that track time like the sundial, water clock and the Replica Omega watches candle clock.Observing the heavenly bodies, often the sun and the moon to determine the time, season and dates, over a thousand years ago to quartz oscillations now, the devices of measuring time have transformed completely.

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This innovatively Replica Cartier watches designed program features an instruction manual that was created and developed by the five time winner of the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, Betty Alison.An internationally recognized sailor and instructor, Betty Alison has clinched the top honor at the Rolex IWKC five times.The Road to Rolex Clinic was created in 1997 and has been designed in such a manner that it is adaptable to all levels of skill.Organizations that host the Road to Rolex Clinic program receive a grant from Rolex depending on the number of boats that are participating in this program.The 2008 Rolex Road to Clinic program was held at Oak Point, Texas from October 31st to the 2nd of November.A total of 41 women sailors representing six American states, Canada and Mexico took part in this inventive program.The women sailors here were trained by the international competitor and coach Elizabeth Kratzig.All the sailing enthusiasts that took part in this program were given the specially created instruction manual along with the DVD copy of the video analysis of sailing ability. The junior Road to Rolex Clinic is going to held at the Hampton Yacht Club, on the 12th of July while the Road to Rolex Clinic for women is going to be held at the Houston Yacht Club, on the 10th of October.Honing talent over the years Rolex has played an instrumental role in developing the talent of women sailors everywhere and assisted them in transforming the spot of sailing forever.Leading the path to triumph Rolex supports a number of events and sporting Replica Cartier watches tournaments around the world that enables exceptionally talented individuals in realizing their goals.

The most vital of all elements that bind Rolex together and also gives it the fuel to move forward with great pride, is the ability to aid others in their progress to perfection.Sailing is one of the sporting events that Rolex has been associated with, in every possible way for many decades now.Sponsoring world class sailing events for men and women Rolex ensures that the sport of sailing grows in range and scope.The main objective has always been to provide these exceptionally talented individuals, with ample opportunity and a platform to propel their ability to higher ground.The implausibility of organizing a world class women’s sailing regatta is thing of the past and now with the advent of sailing as world class sport many skilled women sailors have stunned the sailing world with their remarkable strength and dexterity.The Road to Rolex Clinic is an especially crafted to hone the existing talent and teach the women sailors the finer nuances of world class sailing.As a part of the endeavor to provide women sailors with greater opportunity and equip them with more skill, the Road to Rolex Clinic aims at assisting the women sailors attain their individualistic Replica Cartier watches ambition of triumph.Apart from the various sporting events that Rolex creates and organizes various programs that are solely focused on further development of skill and talent. The Road to Rolex clinic program is created for one or two day system and women sailors with any level of ability are encouraged to participate in this program.